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2019 Southeast Asia Trip - Part 1: Going East by West
2018 Mexico Trip - Part 9: Back to Mexico

The the first segment of the big Asia Adventure kicks-off by heading to Southeast Asia
with a few flights to get to Singapore, courtesy of both Alaska and Japan Airlines.

For the rest of the trip in Mexico, it's time to go back to Mexico City, and after arriving to the last hotel of the trip, there would be food, exploration and another Mexican coaster!
2018 Mexico Trip - Part 14: Día de los Muertos in Mixqic

The last stop of the visit to Mexico heads to San Andres Mixqic for the festivities of Día
de los Muertos. Here visitors get to see many of the traditions of the holidays including the decorating of the graves and the alleyways and side streets of town, as well as a market to enjoy food and souvenirs.
2018 Mexico Trip - Part 13: ¡Kataplum!

The final amusement park of the Mexico Trip that was a surprise addition to the trip, as it was not slated to be open during this trip. See what Mexico's newest park has to offer!