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Coasting with Culture's 2017 Utah, Idaho & Wyoming Tour
Part 6, Snow King Mountain

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5/28/2017 - Heading over to Wyoming after our visit to Yellowstone Bear World, we were treated to some excellent opportunities to enjoy the views of the area. Especially as we were approaching the Grand Tetons. It would have been difficult to just keep going and not take a few moments to enjoy the views.


To get to Jackson, we would pass through the Grand Tetons, which again would provide us more opportunities to enjoy some amazing views!

It also granted us the ability to see some of the local animals of the area.  We believe that these were a variety of marmots that we saw up in
the pass.

Upon getting to the other side of the Tetons, and arriving in Jackson, we headed right to Snow King Mountain Resort.

The reason for our visit to Snow King Mountain was the Cowboy Coaster. This was a real treat as it was a truly wild ride! It never seemed to
let up as it would traverse its course, and there were a few drops that would really make it a wild ride. This may be my favorite mountain
coaster that I have ridden so far. It was certainly a favorite among the group.

After the mountain coaster, as a make-up for the Snowbird Mountain Coaster being closed the group was offered an opportunity to take a ride up Snow King Mountain on the chairlift for some more great views.

This chairlift gave us an opportunity to get some better views of the wild Cowboy Coaster.

There was a minor problem with the journey however, we accidently went on the wrong chairlift...

This was the chairlift that took everyone to the top of the Alpine Slide that ran alongside of the Cowboy Coaster, or for the easy slope during
ski season. So we would head back down.

Fortunately the staff was understanding and gave us a reprint of our tickets and told us how to get to the right chairlift, which was a couple blocks over from where the mountain coaster. Unlike the previous one, this would take us all the way to the top of Snow King.

This chairlift was significantly longer than the previous, and as we rode up, we noticed a lot of hikers making the trek up by foot. While I admire their effort, it is a long ways to the top, and I appreciate being able to take the easier way up. The ride up would also offer some great views of the valley below as well as the town of Jackson.

When arriving to the top, you get the opportunity to really admire the view thanks to this platform that looks down to Jackson.

Since we were up top, we decided to walk down the path from the top of the chairlift, and the views from up top did not disappoint! We could see many of the peaks of the Grand Tetons, Jackson and the valley. It was really hard to not fall in love with the view from up here.

After spending some time admiring the view, it was time to head on back down to join up again with those who did not want to head to the top, which made it easier to see the town below. The ride back really gave you an appreciation of just how high up you were. 

As we head into town for a dinner stop, we had a chance to see their love of the local wildlife through the statues and sculptures, and some of them even pay tribute to the popular activities of the area.

For dinner, we went to a pizza resturaunt called Pinky G's, which had a local bar feel to it. They offered a variety of locally made beers to go along with your meal. I went with the locally made Hoback Hefe from Snake River Brewing Co. to go along with the Godzilla Pizza, which was their version of an all-meat pizza which featured spicy sausage, pepperoni, meatballs and canadian bacon.

As our time in Jackson came to an end, it was time for the long drive back to Salt Lake City, which would take us along the Snake River, and
give us one more opportunity to enjoy the view. If you do get a chance to travel through Wyoming, you should give yourself time to just stop and enjoy the scenery.

Next, we are back in Utah to visit one of the largest water features of the area, and the namesake of the homebase for our tour!

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And that concludes our arrival day into Utah! Join us for the next update as we head North for a glimpse into the past at the site of one of the most significant transportation projects in the history of the United States. ​

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Part 1 - Arrival Day
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