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2018 Mexico Trip - Part 9: Back to Mexico
2019 Southeast Asia Trip - Part 5: Desaru Coast

For the rest of the trip in Mexico, it's time to go back to Mexico City, and after arriving to the last hotel of the trip, there would be food, exploration and another Mexican coaster!

Before heading North to Kuala Lumpur, it's time to take a ride over to the South China
Sea for a visit to Desaru Coast for the resort's water park.
2019 Southeast Asia Trip - Part 4: Legoland Malaysia & Danga Bay

The first full day in Malaysia begins with a visit to Legoland, then after a break at the
hotel, an evening visit to a local park called Danga Bay, featuring a ride that is different than most others you would find. 
2019 Southeast Asia Trip - Part 3: Universal Studios Singapore

The first major theme park of the Southeast Asia Trip, Universal Studios Singapore! Time to check out the newest Universal Theme Park, and then explore a bit of the Sentosa Resort after before going to Malaysia.