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Part 5: Arrival in Sydney

Coasting with Culture through New Zealand and Australia!
Part 6, Mrs. Macquarie's Point.

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Part 7 Luna Park: 

11/7/2016 - For our second day in Sydney, Phillip and I started the day off with a visit to Mrs. Macquarie's point, where we saw Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, The Royal Botanic Gardens, the Government House, and more great views of Sydney Harbour.


 Mrs. Macquarie's Point sits on the East side of the Opera House, giving the opportunity to really enjoy the view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House (Like I said in the last update, I have TONS of pictures of the Opera House). You can also see the Sydney skyline quite well. It was quite the popular place for those who were visiting Sydney.

Part of the character for Mrs. Macquarie's Point is the rock formations that can be found all over the peninsula.

One of the main draws to Mrs. Macquarie's Point is Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, a carving into the sandstone of the peninsula. It was carved by convicts who were place in Sydney, and decicated to Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of the Governor of  New South Wales in the early 1800's.

My favorite part of the point was a rock formation that was in the water. It was fun to climb around. There was something quite calming about the sound of the waves splashing on the rocks, added to a great harbor view.

Another main attraction of the point is the Royal Botanic Gardens, which cover much of the peninsula.

In the middle of the gardens is the Government House, which has served as the home of the Governor of New South Wales since the 1840's with a few exceptions.

The Government House looks like a castle, and many of the details in it's exterior decor shows it's connections to the British Royal Family from when Australia was a British Colony.

From Mrs. Macquarie's Point, it's a short walk around the water to reach the Eastside of the Opera House, giving us another angle for some pictures on the other side.

With that, we end our look at Mrs. Macquarie's Point. Easily a necessary stop if you plan to visit Sydney for the great views that it offers.

Up next, Phillip and I make our way across the harbor to visit Sydney's Luna Park, our first theme park in Australia.

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