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Part 2: Walk to Mission Bay

Coasting with Culture through New Zealand and Australia!
Part 3, Mount Eden.

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Part 4: Rainbow's End

11/4/2016 - After returning to the apartment frm our long Mission Bay walk, Phillip and I decided to follow the advice of our Airbnb host, Harley, and walk down to Mt. Eden, which is one of over 40 volcanic cones that can be found across New Zealand and is located about two
and a half miles south of the Central Business District. This is the highest point in the Auckland region, offering stunning views of the whole area as you will see. But first, we had to get there.

Along the way, we passed by an old prison, which appeared to still be in use. I was fascinated by the way it looked like a small castle.

Before begining our climb up to the top, we came across a park that had a small zipline to ride.

.....of course we couldn't just walk by without giving it a try! (Please excuse the moment of bad language on my part as I almost dropped my phone).

We then began to make our way to the top of the hill, which included a nice walk up a few paths to get there.​

As you make your way up, you start to see just how much of the area you will actually be able to see as you continue higher.

Of course, the best views come from the very top, which is where the crater of the dormant volcano can be seen. The crater is restricted from entry, yet you can still get a sense of how deep and steep it is just by looking at it.

At the highest point, there is a platform with a marker. This was the area in which the first Europen Explorers who came to New Zealand used to survey the surrounding land, since it was higher than any other point.

As for the view from the top, all I can say is that it was stunning! What really stuck out to me was the way the other volcanic caps kind of stuck out like random hills surrounded by developed neighborhoods. It also gave a great view of Auckland's Central Business District.​

It also gave a great vantage point for some of Auckland's more recognizable landmarks, such as One Tree Hill, the Auckland Sky Tower, Eden Park (the stadium), Auckland Harbour Bridge and Rangitoto Island.

You could even see part of the path that we took on our way to Mission Bay. This was definately a day for a lot of walking!

So as you can see, Mount Eden is the place to go for great views in Auckland, and I'm incredibly happy that Phillip and I made our stop here suring our exploration of Auckland!

Up next, Phillip and I head to Manukau City to visit the first theme park of our trip, Rainbow's End!

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