Coasting with Culture
Travel Log
Welcome to the Coasting with Culture Trip Travel Log! Here you will find all of the posted trip reports from the past. The collection will continue to be updated and grow as more trip reports are added. The reports below are presented in chonological order based on the most recent trip, and include a combination of our group tour's and personal trips.
2018 Random Europe Trip
September 24-28, 2018

Gary and Phillip head over to Europe to visit
Oktoberfest, and since they are flying standby, how they go about getting there is up in the air, so the plans are constantly changing, but it gives the opportunity to visit some unexpected places.

2018 Southeast Visit
September 19-23, 2018
Time to go Coasting with Culture through the Southeast United States between Georgia, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle for several historic and memorial sites, along with multiple off-the-beaten-path amusement parks.

2018 South Africa Trip
March 18 - April 4, 2018
Gary makes his first visit to the African Continent, and visits the Rainbow Nation, South Africa, with stops in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park.

California Winter Visit
January 13-22, 2018
Gary joins his dad aboard the Coast Starlight train to
head down to spend a week in California. This trip includes stops at Six Flags Magic Mountain and a few other smaller parks between Southern California and Mexico.

North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival
November 24, 2017

During a visit to North Carolina to spend time with family and friends during Thanksgiving time, Gary joins his NC parents for an evening out at the annual North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, North Carolina.
CwC's 2017 Utah, Idaho & Wyoming Tour
May 26-30, 2017: 
Coasting with Culture's first offical group tour, have a look back at the gang's experience as they visited Salt Lake City, the Golden Spike National Historic Site, Yellowstone Bear World, Lagoon Amusement Park, and much more!

Part 3 - Driving Trail
& Brigham City
Part 1 - Arrival Day
Part 2 - Golden Spike
National Historic Site
Part 4 - Temple Square
Part 7 - The Great Salt Lake
Part 5 - Yellowstone
Bear World
Part 6 - Snow King Mountain
Part 8 - Lagoon
Amusement Park
Part 9 - Smith's Ballpark
A Day in Pioneer Square, Seattle
January 26, 2017
Take a stroll though Seattle's historic Downtown, and see some of the  earliest built buildings while visiting an exhibit that shares the tale of an event that led to Seattle becoming a major city.
2016 New Zealand and Australia Trip
November 1-24, 2016 
Let's head Down Under as Gary and his friend Phillip make their first  journey to New Zealand and Australia by way of Auckland, Sydney,  Cairns and the Brisbane/Gold  Coast area. Then continue with Gary as  he goes on to Alice Springs, Perth and Melbourne.
Alberta Weekend 2015
October 9-12, 2015
Join Gary up North as he goes for a short visit to Calgary and  Edmonton in Alberta, experiencing the Calgary Tower, the site of the  1988 Winter Olympics, and the  birthplace of the Mounties. We'll also  take a look at Galaxyland inside of the West Edmonton Mall, and  Calgary's Calaway Park. 
Opening Day of Lake Washington Boating Season
May 2, 2015
Gary joins the Bower family on their sailboat, the Amoretto, to take part in the annual boat parade that takes place as part of Opening Day of Lake Washington's Boating Season.
A Day at the Puyallup Spring Fair
April 26, 2015
Gary and his Nephew Kris head down to Puyallup to visit the annual Puyallup Spring Fair.
Montana Weekend 2015
​March 27-31, 2015
Gary joins his brother Kellen and friends for a bachelor's weekend in Montana for skiing and hiking in the area of Yellowstone.
Exploring Seattle's Amusement Park Past
March 25, 2015
Visit the site of Seattle's first amusement park which offers an excellent view of the city from across Elliott
Bay, followed by a stop at a restaurant that pays tribute
to said park.