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Travel Log
2018 South Africa Trip
​March 18 - April 4, 2018
Part 1 - Flight to Atlanta & Delta Flight Museum
Part 2 - Arrival to South Africa
The South Africa Trip starts with the journey to the African continent, which includes a layover in Atlanta, joining friends for a visit to the Delta Flight Museum.
After a long flight to Johannesburg, there was a planned protest outside of the airport the next morning that
led to a change of first hotel, then a morning flight to Durban.
Part 4 - Second
Day in Durban
Part 3 - First Day in Durban
The second day in Durban started with
a swim in the Indian Ocean, followed by a nice drive through the Valley of 1000 Hills.
Upon arrival to Durban, it was time to begin exploring the city with visits to a place with miniture models of Durban buildings, one of the 2010 World Cup stadiums, and exploring the beach area.
Part 5 - Last Day in Durban
Part 6 - Cape Town Sunrise and V&A Waterfront
Before departing Durban, it was time to do laundry in a bit of a different setting than back home, plus a visit to an excellent museum with artifacts of the Native Zulu people.
The first day in Cape Town begins with
a beautiful sunrise, followed by the first place of interest in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.
Part 8 - Table Mountain
Part 7 - City Sightseeing
Tours of Cape Town
The end of the first day would include the amazing views from the top of the most prominent land feature in Cape Town, Table Mountain
After the V&A Waterfront, it was time
to get familiar with the Mother City with a hop-on/hop-off style tour that offered historic context and ideas for attractions to explore
Part 9 - Ratanga Junction
Part 10 - Rugby at
Newlands Rugby Stadium
The next day started with a visit to the first theme park of the trip , Ratanga Junction, offering a selection of fun
rides with landscaping to add to the atmosphere. 
The evening would call for attending a rugby match at one of South Africa's oldest rugby venues in the nation.
Part 12 - The Cape
of Good Hope
Part 11 - Cape Town
Walking Tours
Heading south, the Cape Explorer tour started with a drive to the Cape of Good Hope, offering amazing views and an excellent hike to enjoy a significant geological location of the continent.
The walking tours which offered insight into the past of Cape Town as well as South Africa, from the origins of the
city to the recent events of Apartheid. 
Part 13 - Boulders
Beach Penguins
Part 14 - The
Last of Cape Town
The Cape Explorer Tour also brings passengers to visit the African Penguins of Boulder Beach.
Before departing from Cape Town,
there were a few more attractions to visit including the Cape Wheel, Springbok Experience and District Six Museum.
Part 16 - Sightseeing
Around Johannesburg
Part 15 - The Cape
Town Water Shortage
With a day to explore Johannesburg, it was time to hop aboard a familiar tour bus after visiting the tallest sky scraper of Africa.
Before continuing with the experience of the South Africa Trip, a moment for some reflection about what it was like
to be in Cape Town in the midst of one
of the most severe water shortages.
Part 17 - More
Johannesburg Sightseeing
​Part 18 - Day Trip
to Botswana
As part of exploring Joburg, there were stops to Constitution Hill with an eye-opening experience, and a delightful beer tasting at the World of Beer.
Taking a break from South Africa with a one-day visit to the neighboring nation of Botswana to visit a resort that is home to the nation's only roller coaster.
​Part 20 - Kruger
National​ Park, Day 2
​Part 19 - Kruger
National Park, Day 1
The second day of the safari was a full day drive into the heart of Kruger National Park, getting to see a wild variety of African animals, including some of the big five.
The first of a three-day safari in one of the most famous wildlife reserves in South Africa, with beautiful scenery
on the way there, and then an evening
game drive to see the first animals.
​Part 21 - Kruger
National​ Park, Day 3
​Part 22 - Gold Reef
City Resort & Amenities
Before returning to Johannesburg, the final day of the safari included a
nature walk which gave some close encounters with the wildlife.
Upon return to Johannesburg and arriving to the last hotel of the trip, there were amenities to enjoy that compliment the theme park at the resort.
​Part 24 - Gold Reef
City Theme Park
​Part 23 - Apartheid
Museum & Rand Shows
The last attraction visited in South Africa also happens to be the largest theme park on the continent, features some very unique coasters that cannot be found anywhere else.
Taking a break from visiting Gold Reef City Resort included a visit to the thought provoking Apartheid Museum, and to the annual Rand Show for a rare roller coaster.
Part 25 - The Return Home
As the trip comes to an end, its time to head back home, and to make an addition the the world map featuring countries visited.