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2019 Southeast Asia Trip
February 28 - March 10, 2019

Part 1 - Going East by West
The the first segment of the be Asia Adventure begins with heading to Southeast Asia with a few flights to get to Singapore courtesy of Alaska and Japan Airlines.
Alberta Weekend 2015
October 9-12, 2015
Join Gary up North as he goes for a short visit to Calgary and  Edmonton in Alberta, experiencing the Calgary Tower, the site of the  1988 Winter Olympics, and the  birthplace of the Mounties. We'll also  take a look at Galaxyland inside of the West Edmonton Mall, and  Calgary's Calaway Park. 
Part 3: West Edmonton Mall
Part 1: Arrival in Calgary
Part 2: Hockey Night at the Saddledome
Part 4: Canada Olympic Park
Part 7: Fort Calgary
Part 5: Banff and
the Canadian Rockies
Part 6: Calaway Park