Coasting with Culture
Travel Log
2018 Random Europe Trip
September 24-28, 2018

Where are Gary
and Phillip going?
Part 1 - A Day in Zurich
Gary arrives to Philadelphia to meet up with his friend Phillip to make their way to an unknown destination! Before the flight, however, there is time to kill at the Philadelphia Airport.
Gary and Phillip are off to Europe as they fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Upon arrival, they go for a walk to explore the historic Swiss city, and then go on a walking tour of  the city.
Part 2 - Oktoberfest
Part 3 - An Unexpected
London Visit
The duo take a bus ride to Munich to attend one of the city's biggest festivals, Oktoberfest! See some of the highlights for Gary and Phillip's evening at the popular beer festival!
As the flights to get back home to the states are looking really full, Gary and Phillip head their separate ways, with Gary's trip taking an unexpected stop in the United Kingdom by way of London.
Alberta Weekend 2015
October 9-12, 2015
Join Gary up North as he goes for a short visit to Calgary and  Edmonton in Alberta, experiencing the Calgary Tower, the site of the  1988 Winter Olympics, and the  birthplace of the Mounties. We'll also  take a look at Galaxyland inside of the West Edmonton Mall, and  Calgary's Calaway Park. 
Part 3: West Edmonton Mall
Part 1: Arrival in Calgary
Part 2: Hockey Night at the Saddledome
Part 4: Canada Olympic Park
Part 7: Fort Calgary
Part 5: Banff and
the Canadian Rockies
Part 6: Calaway Park