CwC Group Tours
It's official! We now have 2018 tours announced! Click one of the links below for information about Coasting with Culture's upcoming offical tours

Bay Area Tour (May)
Hong Kong Tour (November)

More tours could be added for 2018!

Partner Tours
Along with the Coasting with Culture Tours, we would
like to share with you additional opportunities to join additional tours from our Partner Tours! Check out the Partner Tours Page for the most updated information
we currently have for our partner tours.
Most Recent CwC Trip Reports
May, 2017: Coasting with Culture's 2017 Utah, Idaho & Wyoming Tour
 Coasting with Culture's first offical group tour, see what we
 experienced as was we visited Salt Lake City, the Golden Spike
 National Historic Site, Yellowstone Bear World and Lagoon
 Amusement Park.
January, 2017: Pioneer Square, Seattle
 Sometimes you don't have to go far to have new experiences.
 Gary from Coasting with Culture used some free time to explore
 Pioneer Square, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, taking
 advantage of a free museum to learn about an event that helped
 put Seattle on the map!
November, 2016: Coasting with Culture through New Zealand & Australia
 Gary is joined by his friend Phillip for their first ever visit to New
 Zealand and Australia! They had a chance to visit places and sites
 such as Auckland, the Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier
 Reef, the theme parks of the Gold Coast area, and more!