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  May 26, 2017 - The first official Coasting with Culture Group Trip is about to begin today as everyone is on their way to Salt Lake City for the ​​
                                    Utah, Idaho and Wyoming Tour! you can follow our live updates by following the Coasting with Culture Facebook Page !

  April 20, 2017 - Coasting with Culture is proud to announce a promotional partnership with Airtime Coaster Travel and their excellent Japan
                                     Coasters and Culture Tour, which combines great Japanese theme parks with Incredible Tokyo culture! Click here for more

 Latest Trip Reports
11/17/2016: Perth CBD & Elizabeth Quay
 Posted 7/10/2016:  Christene, Leony and Gary go for a walk through the  Central Business District and Elizabeth Quay, enjoying the buildings and  artwork of Perth.
11/17/2016: Indian Ocean & Fremantle
 Posted 7/10/2017: Christene, Mama Leony and Gary go to see the Indian  Ocean, and then into the town of Fremantle where they see some historic  buildings, including one of the oldest standing prisons in Australia.
5/27/2017: Golden Spike National Historic Site
 Posted 6/12/2017: The group takes a journey into the past to visit the site  where the railroads of East and West met and take in a reenactment of the
 ceremony for the driving of the last spike.